Friday, November 22, 2013

Craft Attack Monday: (On Friday) Kenny I am so thankful for you!

This week has been crazy busy! I had my Craft Attack Monday almost ready, but I was unable to post it because I got really busy! We add a new member to our family. I had never thought having a puppy would be so much work! But he is adorable and well worth it! And my son is so happy and that is priceless. I have a cat but he is sort of my personal pet. He loves me and I love him but he is not very interactive with the rest of the family. One thing I can tell you: he is an amazing cat! He does not bother the puppy at all even though the puppy insists on playing with him.
Anyhow, here is the final Thanksgiving card for this season. I got a new stamp set similar to the scrabble game from Viva Las Vegas Stamp We are scrabble-holic in this house so you will be seen more scrabble projects made up with this stamp set. Next Monday my Advent Holiday Craft Series will start so please stay tune.

And here is the card for today! (I meant for last Monday)


Thanks to everyone who stops by!

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