Thursday, October 17, 2013

In The Round Challenge

Hey There everyone! I've been busy crafting and also crafting ideas, plus I have been Halloween shopping for my son and my cat who did not like his costume (Do cats even like costumes?). Any how, I created two cards for the "In the Round Challenge" from the Twinery Blog. I am telling you, I am in love with twine and this particular brand. It is all I like, is not too thick, not too thing, the colors are intense, it does not come apart, it does not look rustic or tough. In other words is great. I don't buy it by the spools, I buy it by the small packages of 15 yards. There are two link badges in my side bard that will take you to couple of great stores where you can buy this twine! You won't regret it. (By the way, is made in The USA)
Now for the cards:

Wreath card using the Platinum Shimmer - Silver Metallic & Natural Baker's Twine by The Twinery and a bow made with Maraschino - Red & White Baker's Twine by the Twinery

Peppermint Card Using the
Maraschino - Red & White Baker's Twine by The Twinery
Thanks to everybody who stop by, It makes my day!

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