Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School Week And New Card!

This week started very busy, my son starts school tomorrow again. I cannot believe he is a second grader already.

Anyhow, I did work at his school the last two years, however, this year I am going to dedicate
 to be a full time student, full time mom and full time crafter, so I had to give up something. I do enjoy working at the school so
 this year I will volunteer on my free time. I had great two years at school thanks to the teachers  who worked with me. At the end of the school year, this last May everything was crazy busy so I could not thank her. She is truly a fantastic person! That is why I made this card for her.
 I got inspired by a post from one of my favorite blogs: "The Lawn Fawn blog" ( )

And here is the card:


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