Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School Scrapbook Page

Hi, everybody! This week has been crazy, my son is back to school and so am I.
I decided to take on a new challenge:

This is a challenge for me because I am not an expert on scrapbook pages, in fact I never do scrapbook pages, ( I am more into the cards and gift bags and boxes) however, I thought, to incorporate a cute element with twine maybe I should try a layout. Also because I am not a big fan of the color yellow and I did not even have yellow twine to begin with.  So I ordered "The Twinery Marigold Twine" from one of my favorite online stores: (I think I ordered on Sunday, and it got here this morning) Coming to find out, the Twinery Marygold twine is so cute! the yellow color is intense and bright so you can see it and the quality of the twine is great as usual (made in the USA), so I do recommend it.
And here is my project using The Twinery Marigold Twine and the back to school theme:

I am working on getting me a tripod so I can start filming videos and show you how easy and fun was to create this sun with The Twinery Marigold twine.
I hope you like it and share it! I did enjoy working on it and now The Twinery Marygold twine is one of my favorites!

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