Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lawn Fawn Fawndamentals Note Cards

Hi! I hope you had a great week!
A little while back Lawn Fawn had a big release week and with release week comes prizes. This time I happened to be one of the lucky winners of one of the wonderful prizes they had for their fans.
I was very surprised as I had never before won anything from any sort of  randomly drawing.
In my short life as a crafter I had won few challenges, but never drawings, however, the big thing here is that I love Lawn Fawn products and wining a prize from them, makes me feel very lucky!
I had already received my prize and I love it!
So, I wanted to thank the Lawn Fawn team by creating a set of cards using, the prize that I got.
I got the Lawn Fawn Fawndamentals note cards and I love them! I love the colors, the size, and the thickness of the card stock material they are made of. I also love the fact that the inside of the cards is white, which  makes them great for writing with any color of pen or marker.
The card that I had created are like little circle window cards and I love that when you open the cards the inside is as pretty as the outside.
I hope you'll enjoy them!

I had taken a picture of each individual card so you can choose your favorite!

Fawndamentals note card in mermaid and the Happy Summer stamp set

Fawndamentals note cards in "freshly cut grass" and the Stamp sets, "critters from the past" and "happy mother's day"

Fawndamentals note cards in "wild rose" and the stamp set "admit one"

 Fawndamentals note cards in "hippo" and the stamp set "critters in costume"

Fawndamentals note cards in "sunflower" and stamp set "year four"

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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