Monday, October 28, 2013

Craft Attack Monday: More Candy Tin Cans!

I created two more candy tin cans for my son's teachers. This time I use small soup cans and surprisingly they hold enough candy. I put about five fun size candy bars. That is plenty! Also I put some Halloween confetti. As I said on my older post, there is not right or wrong with this cans, you can decorate them to your own taste and use any size of can, as well as put any kind of goodies inside them. I replaced the lid using super glue but you don't  have to, I think Tombow Mono Multi Glue will work just fine because you just have to press hard to replace the lid or seal and it will hold on place.
I recommend this cans as gifts for adults instead of children because when you pull the tap to open the can, it is going to leave sharp edges, so children could cut their fingers. However, for adults is a very clever idea. If you want to use the can again then I recommend to use a can opener that takes all the seal off so you could use the can as pencil holder or such.
For complete instructions on how to make and decorate these cans, check the video from The Doodle Bug Designs blog.

Thanks To everyone who stops by!

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